In a slump? Have writer’s block? Then..go for a walk outside! Moving the arms and legs in opposite motion (cross-crawl) has been shown to re-connect the right and left side of the brain increasing the connection between our “thinking and logical” side of our brain to our “creative” side.


A 2014 research report in the Journal of Experimental Psychology did four studies on the positive effects of walking on creative thinking. The first three studies compared the change in creative thinking from sitting to walking (treadmill and outdoors). These studies revealed 81%, 88% and 100% of the participants had more creativity when they Augmentin 1000 mg to when they sat. For the last study, a higher-level creativity test involving generating analogies was used. One hundred percent of the participants in this study, who walked outside, generated at least one high quality analogy compared with only 50% of those who sat inside.

So get up, get walking and increase your creativity! Chapter 16 of Health at Your Desk has more info on this!

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