Dr. Jan is very knowledgeable and caring! She has helped both of my children
and myself out, by accommodating us at her home office, when we were unable
to make it in to her regular location.  I have also implemented a correct workstation
at my home, based on her recommendations!

To feel the best you can, go see Dr. Jan!

Julie K

My boyfriend works in a machine shop every day. He uses his hands and shoulders every day.
eventually his arm and shoulder gave out. He called Jan on a Saturday, and although those are not her regular hours, we told her how much pain he was having. She told us to come over and helped him immediately. She is not only a very understanding and kind person, but her expertise in the Chiropractic field is outstanding. I must say my boyfriends arm and shoulder
since being treated by such a professional Doctor has healed completely.
Thank you Jan!

Dr. Jan Suckut is an excellent chiropractor — she is very professional, yet very kind and caring.  She goes out of her way to help you, and will sometimes either e-mail or call you to see how you are doing.  She is even helping coach me for Take Shape for Life, so that I can lose weight and feel better.  I would highly recommend her!

Laurel F

My son and my husband have been seeing Dr. Jan and are very happy with her.  She is professional and knowledgeable.  She is caring and compassionate.  My daughter in law threw her back out and was in severe pain and could barely walk.  Dr. Jan was kind enough to meet us at her home office because riding in the car was extremely painful.  She treated her with two or three visits and she is good as gold now!

Also, her office staff is friendly and competent and they are always accommodating with our appointments.

Highly recommend!

Lori J

I have been seeing Dr. Jan for some time but was further impressed when my husband switched over to her services. When his regular chiropractor was unavailable, he tried Dr. Jan and hasn’t looked back. He is not one to make such a change easily, so Dr. Jan must be good!

Anita M

Over the years Dr Jan has helped both me and my son with a variety of spinal issues. Heck he even can identify a neck misalignment with his headaches. He calls them Dr Jan headaches- a positive term for us.

Connie H

Dr. Jan is great! I had injured my back helping my mom with some boxes. Dr. Jan got me into the office right away and fixed me up. I only needed two visits. I was so pleased with the results and service I received. Thank you Dr. Jan

Mindy F