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Dr. Jan is Certified through C.O.P.E. (Center of Obesity Prevention and Education) and Villanova University as Chiropractic Health Professional and Health Coach. As a Certified Health Coach, she will support and guide you through proper nutrition and a program that is customized and design to fit best in your lifestyle. As a physician, she uses several different tools and designs a program that will help you reach your health goals. Contact Dr. Jan to ask her about her free health coaching services.

Optavia is a program that is a lifestyle change that incorporates lifelong transformation by changing one healthy habit at a time. This is a cost neutral (easy on the budget), frequent eating program, that serves to increase metabolism, increase fat and weight loss, and balance blood sugars. In doing so, this program creates a healthier lifestyle has as it can reduce or eliminate Blood pressure, Cholesterol, and even Diabetic Medications. After reaching targeted weight loss goals, transition into live foods is the next step. Along with teaching you successful long-term weight loss, she will help you change existing eating habits into positive eating habits to sustain the weight loss achieved. Dr. Jan has personally lost 50 pounds on this program in 4 months and has maintained a healthy weight since 2010.
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Arbonne is an alternative healthy eating program. The program includes Arbonne essential products, healthy foods, healthy snacks, and beverages. Dr. Jan has been able to help clients who have soy, dairy, and/or gluten allergies and sensitivities. This program is both Vegan, Kosher Certified, and provides a clean eating system with a gentle detox. Want more information on this program? Click here.

Vasayo delivers high quality and highly absorptive nutritional solutions for problems with sleep, energy, pain and inflammation, brain fog, focus and memory problems as well as overall health. If you experience any of these issues, Click here.

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"This last week I lost a total of 6 pounds making my grand total weight loss of 28 pounds.  WOO! HOO!  I’m feeling good and excited as yesterday was my first time going to the basement in months and cooking and cleaning is already becoming easier. I would never have been able to stand in the kitchen as long as I have been. I have even been doing the dishes that others in the family are supposed to be doing."
"Jan is an inspiration and a great motivator! She believes strongly in not just good health but all around well-being. She sincerely and walks her talk."
"Jan is very supportive in that she calls to see how I am doing, do I need any assistance and leaves emails with good food recipes and great weight loss tips! She keeps in contact with me and is very sincere in helping me and other people like me to reach their goal."
"Dr. Jan Suckut is an amazing woman, she is very inspiring. She walks her talk! She is very calming and supportive. She will keep you on track and help you reach your goals. She is always available and always ready to help you through any rough times. I highly recommend Dr. Jan to help you through your weight loss journey. Don't go it alone, weight loss is not just a journey, it is a maze that needs expert guidance and navigation. Dr. Jan is that expert!"
"I had a great first meeting with Jan. We met to talk about health and long term goals. She was a great encouragement to me in moving forward with my weight loss goals. She talked about the tools that she has through her programs that will help me change my accumulation of bad habits and trade them for new healthier habits that will help with my overall success in healthy weight loss. Not just for today but long term! I am very happy to know Jan and I feel like I have an encouraging coach as I see my goals realized for a new slimmer healthier me!"