Laptop computers are lightweight, portable, and convenient. The laptop’s compact design, with attached screen and keyboard, is a setup that forces laptop users into awkward postures. When the screen is at the right height, the keyboard position is too high; and when the keyboard is at the right height, the screen is too low. As is, and without modification, the laptop is not an ergonomic computer option.


They can be modified and made more ergonomic! With an external keyboard, under the desk tray, and external mouse, the laptop will then become your monitor that can be raised so that the top 2 inches of the screen are at eye level. The picture below can be used for frequent use (2-4 hours with breaks every hour). Ideally, for all day use an under desk keyboard tray should be installed. Unplug the keyboard and mouse and off you go!

Check out my book Health at Your Desk, for step by step ergonomic computer set-up.

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