If sitting is killing us, is standing the answer? From a Chiropractic standpoint, there is less pressure on the back (for most conditions) in the standing position. Being in the same position for too long in any position is not good structurally, as the body needs mobility to function correctly.

Other conditions can develop such as hip, knee or foot pain, and these are usually weight related. If this were the case, a padded floor mat and comfortable shoes would help. Some low back conditions do better in a seated position than a standing position. One effective way to break up activity every hour is using the stretches and standing exercises described in my book, Health at Your Desk.

Cost is another consideration. A completely ergonomic computer setup for an individual workstation would be in the $100-$200 range, comparative to Worker’s Compensation related fiscal impact (thousands) this is minimal.

If the standing position for long periods is a problem, and cost is a factor, what is the solution?

One suggestion is to have one high-end standing workstation for every eight workers so each worker can work an hour out of their day standing. The employee would need to be educated on how to set up their standing workstation similar to how they setup their seated station. Deskhealth Solutions provides this service.

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