Proper Home Computer Set Up and Why it is Important

With the current Covid crisis, many corporations and companies have mandated workers to work from home. Most workers who are used to a designated and ergonomic work space do not have a home work space that is properly designed or set up to prevent injury.

Home is a place that we are comfortable and therefore, are less structured. Hence the saying the “comforts of home” or “make yourself at home”. Home workers are more likely to use smaller, more portable devices such as laptops, and use them in places that are “comfortable” but not necessarily supportive or in positions that are good for the body. This eventually can lead the neck, back or extremity pain. In Chapter 17 of my book, Health at Your Desk, I explain how a laptop as is, cannot be ergonomic. When the keyboard is at the right height, the monitor is too low, and when the monitor is at the right height the keyboard is too high. These positions create potential neck, upper back or extremity pain.

I am a Certified Ergonomic Specialist and Evaluator for Global companies such as QAD, Inc. My view of the current structured and ergonomic work environment taken quickly to a home environment, is most likely leading to decreased productivity, and increased potential for future Workers’ Compensation claims as well as increased costs to companies and corporations.

With home offices being the “norm” and becoming more of a solution, I am able to provide employee education on proper desk set up through group webinars and/or evaluate desk set ups individually and advise any changes. My company DeskHealth Solutions, is dedicated to reduce pain and increase productivity and as a result corporate expenditures are reduced.

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